Words of Wisdom from Forestside's newest blogger.

May 30, 2014

We have a new addition to the Forestside blogging team. Bill Kirkpatrick is one of Forestside's most loyal customers and at 92 years old he has a thing or two to tell the rest of us about life.

He has the most wonderfully positive attitude to life and makes a point of pushing the most out of every day, he says this is what keeps him happy and well. He is up bright and early every morning, leaves home at 6.20am, gets a bus into the city centre and then up to Forestside in time for the M&S cafe opening at 8am. He loves to relax over a coffee and his favourite M&S cheese scone before getting on with the rest of his day.

We asked him what his philosophy is in life to keep him so young and active. His response was:

'Always have a goal every day no matter how small and therefore make every day count!'
Great advice for all of us.

Bill has promised us more of his philosphy on life so watch this space, and welcome to the blogging team Bill. A new career at 92, not bad for a nonagenarian.




A real inspiration to the rest of us bill. Love your Outlook on life.

Sage advice Bill. A true inspiration

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