Lite Lite Sundays.

September 14, 2015

Team Forestside have had a quiet month so far but the Lite Lites have managed to get out and about the last two Sundays.

Danny, Finn, David and Finn's Dad ventured out last Sunday to the Titanic for an eleven mile sprint and then some safety training for the younger riders around the Lough shore, then yesterday Ian, Lucy and David joined Danny on a 34.5 mile trek around Strangford Lough and Sketrick Island. This ride was challenging for all the riders as the terrain was hilly and difficult. The road cycling season is drawing to a close now as the weather turns against us and the light is fading but we are in the process of developing Team Forestside cycling facilities at Knockbreda Football Club on Gilnahirk which will allow our guys to extend their season and stay on their bikes a little longer. 




Amazing cycling with Danny as he advises on gear changes and cycling etiquette. We will never free wheel down a hill again as we realise it's actually for powering up the the other side! Wonderful fun.

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