Lite lites and Youth Team First Ride Out.

April 09, 2015

The fantastic weather on Sunday brought out the Forestside Lite lites and youth team for their first ride of the year.

The seniors led by Roy - Ian, Sharon, Dee and Michael were joined by Team Forestside (pro) & bike designer Jim. Ben, Matthew and David made up the youth squad. The plan was to do the Comber run but roadworks caused a detour to Holywood. Despite being their first ride everyone went well and blew away the winter cobwebs.

As we know, every ride has its drama and this was no exception! Arriving at the coffee stop in Holywood and full of enthusiasm to get some cake a couple of the riders locked their bikes up to a tree forgetting that their keys were back at Forestside!

Such obstacles are everyday challenges for Roy so whilst everyone else took a breather Roy jumped on his bike and headed back to Forestside. Back at the ranch he found the keys and headed back to Holywood in the car. In the meantime the youth squad took advantage of the longer break to do a little sprint training with Jim and get ice creams! (Must get these boys some dietary advice!!!)

Back on the road once again the guys headed for Forestside.

An eventful day - it's always feels great to get the first one of the season out of the way.



Won't forget the key again!

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