New season Spring produce.

March 12, 2015

That's another month over at Forestside and what a fantastic month February was for foodies. Our masterclass cookery sessions were a fantastic success thanks to Lee, Jill & Trevor and not forgetting Smeg UK.

Now as the Winter months are coming to an end, I want to talk about Spring food and a Mother's Day menu for you guys with some fantastic easy recipes ...

So what's in season and good value in spring..


Sea bream, Coley, Wild salmon, Sardines, Whiting, Turbot, Whitebait, Haddock

Lobster, Mussels, Squid, Cockles, Scallops, Oysters (pacific & native)

Best for fish - Mourne Seafood Bar Fish shop (Bank Square), Ewings Fishmongers (Shankill Road), Alan Coffey (St. George's market Fri,Sat,Sun)


Meat .....

Lamb, Spring lamb, Pork, Beef, Free range chicken

Best for meat -  The meat market (Hannan Meats, Moira)


Vegetables/fruit in season....

Bananas, Pomegranate, Grape fruit, Lemon, Orange, Rhubarb

Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Celeriac, Leeks,, Pak choi, Jerusalem artichoke, Sweet potato, Sprouting broccoli


So with all above fantastic produce here's my wonderful Mother's Day menu...


Baked queen scallops in puff pastry .


Roast loin of pork..potato, celeriac & apple - mushroom cream


Lemon & orange curd tart.


Recipes as follows...


 Baked queen scallops in puff pastry (serves 2)

2 queen scallops

1 shallot(finely diced)

1 garlic clove (grated)

1 slice of fennel(diced)

40 ml fish stock

1 tsp Pernod

20g spinach (picked)

1 tsp butter

Ready made puff pastry (small sheet)

1 egg yolk


1. In a small pot add butter,shallot,fennel & garlic. Cook until soft, no colour.

2. Now add Pernod and stock reduce by half, now add butter and whisk.

3. Add spinach & check seasoning, slice scallops and toss into sauce.

4. Place scallop mix into shell/dish, cover puff pastry over shell and glaze well with egg wash, make marks on top of pastry.

5. Place in oven at 210c for 10 minutes and serve in shell.


Lemon & orange curd tart recipe.

Pastry ....

250g plain flour

50g icing sugar

125g butter

1 egg

Zest 1/2 lemon

1 tbsp of water (if needed)



1. In a mixing bowl,add flour,icing sugar and zest. Mix well.

2. Now add butter and work until breadcrumb stage .


3. Now add egg & water, roll into pastry ball.

4. Rest for 1/2 hour, now roll into prepared tartlet cases.

5. Place paper and baking beans into cases, bake @180c for 15 minutes.

6. Take beans and paper out of case, reduce heat to 140c for another 10 minutes.

7. Cool well and fill with curd.


2 lemons -2 oranges (zest & juice)

4 eggs

350g caster sugar

225g butter (diced)

1 tbsp corn flour


1. In a saucepan beat eggs first.


2. Now add remaining ingredients, place over a medium heat and beat well with a whisk for 5-7 minutes until thick.

3. reduce heat to lowest setting and whisk another 2 minutes.

4. Place into cooked pastry cases.








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