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I've been singing since I could talk really, most of my home videos are of me singing and I never really had any fear of standing on a stage. My confidence dropped when I started primary school and I didn't get it back again until I started to take singing lessons when I was 12 which helped me immensely. By that time I was already learning to play guitar as I started getting lessons when I was 11 at the end of primary school and so I put the two together and wrote my first song when I was about 12. I started performing at my youth club whenever we had competitions happening there just for fun and eventually I decided to try and branch out by looking up places I could play in Belfast and I performed at a few bars and cafés and met a few people who gave me the opportunity to play at different places. For my 15th birthday I got to record two acoustic tracks I'd written at cloud 9 studios which are both on my YouTube channel. Then one day my friend told me about the Forestside competition which I entered and got to meet some amazing people and have recently got to learn new things about their writing from them which has helped me. For the future what I'm really focused on is recording an EP and getting myself on the radio which Helping Hands is really helping me to do and I just want to take every opportunity I can get to get myself out there! 

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