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Originally a drummer Michael-James was writing his own material but never picked up the guitar till he was 15.  Strumming his way through a few chords he began to showcase his work playing in local coffee shops and the evenings in bars with other musicians to grow his craft. 

He first made himself known in the scene by entering Forestside Shopping Centres brand new competition for young songwriters in which Michael James was placed in the top 3.  The competition brought with it an opportunity to perform at Northern Irelands infamous 'Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival' 

In May 2017 MJ released his debut EP 'Time.' Being the multi-instrumentalist he is, this was recorded and produced by himself in his bedroom. 

MJ was delighted to be asked to join Skinny Living on their European tour in their Belfast Show at the Oh Yeah Centre.

"If you're looking for a new young voice to listen to, keep an ear out for Michael James. Tall and handsome, with a strong yet calming presence on stage, Michael is an up and coming young Singer-Songwriter with a difference; He sings catchy lyrical songs with a soft vaguely melancholy tone and has recently produced his first EP showcasing his ability to both write excellent songs and produce it completely himself. If we add to this the ability to self-promote, organise his own gigs, and to run his own website, we get the picture of a very talented and industrious young man.Today's young musicians embark on a journey of self discovery where they write songs and strive for gigging experiences over a period of years. Michael-James has the aspirations to be a successful Songwriter, it would appear he certainly has the know how."

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