Forestside Young Musicians Debut EP launch

March 13, 2018

Approximately nine months ago 4 Young Singer Songwriters who were participating in the Forestside Artist Development Programme began the journey of recording their debut EP's. 

March 2018 seen Lucy Bell, Ben Cutler, Sam Leeson and Aoife Mallon launch those EP's at the 14th Panarts Belfast Nashville Singer Songwriter Festival - and what a performance they put on!

Lucy Bell released her ep 'valentine'


Ben Cutler released his ep  'On Target'


Sam Leeson  released his ep 'Into the Light'


Aoife Mallon released her ep 'hard to breathe'


Forestside are extremely proud of the determination and hard work each of these young artists have displayed throughout this journey.  It has definitely paid off as you'll get to see when you hear their finished this space!

As Belnash themselves put it ....'Best year yet for new songs and new talented writers'

Well done to all 4 of you!!






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