A/W13 Trends: 90s

September 16, 2013

As I sit down to write this blog on 90’s fashion, what happens to pop onto MTV but ‘Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Ah the irony! And what could be more 90’s than MTV, Nirvana and irony? The 90s have made a huge comeback in the past year or two, which makes sense as trends tend to resurface every 15 years or so- this must be the time span to allow us to love it, wear it, discard, ridicule, forget and then allow a new generation to make the same mistakes all over again. Only with the 90’s I have to say I’m happy to make the same mistakes again- I’m 32 and will be embracing this trend whole-heartedly. The thing about this season’s trends is that this is less the kind of 90’s trends that were actually worn widely here back then (ill-fitting Levis and logo-ed sweatshirts) and a more stylised, cooler American style. All around town I see cool girls that look like they’ve wandered out of Twin Peaks or Singles, long straight hair, mini-kilts, sloppy jumpers, oversized bikers, high-waisted jeans, clompy boots.

This season’s trend plays homage to grunge (of course)- this has been around for a couple of seasons now, the difference this season is that the look has shifted from the more masculine ‘jeans and check shirt’ look to a Courtney Love-inspired tattered baby doll look-  pretty slip dresses layered up with cardis and oversized coats. Back then I used to pick up actual nighties and slips to wear- much to the horror of my mother. I’m not suggesting that you do the same, but underwear as outerwear is also making a comeback, and a lace-trimmed cami peeking out from under a sloppy jumper or cardi is a great look- check out Marks and Spencer or Dunnes for such.

90’s classic ‘Clueless’ has been plundered for inspiration, and gives us one of the best items of the season- the mini-kilt. Without a doubt the best one I’ve discovered, and used on the AW13 campaigns is from Next- great detailing, a decent length and good fabric. I paired it with over the knee socks but it would obviously also work with chunky tights later in the season. A mini-kilt works best with chunky ankle boots and a loose knit. For extra points layer a white shirt under the knit with collar, cuffs and tails visible.

The Parka is also a great AW piece and a homage to that other 90’s phenomenon- Brit Pop. Oasis have a cool version.

Please be aware that some things are best left back then, including anything worn by the Spice Girls, scrunchies, visible lip-liner and mood rings.



Thanks Forestside for fab prize of Fashion Forum experience!
Marissa was fantastic! I learned so much!! Really good to have a fresh perspective on wardrobe & dressing to impress. Great to be encouraged to try clothes I typically wouldn’t have considered. Really enjoyed myself.
Highly recommend!

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